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Hello sir,madam
Because we are using NC 13 (previously used 10-11-12 and i am maintaining it my self and i am not an expert) i would like to implement it properly to the company i work for now. I dont do it my self cause i am not an expert and i want this to be done properly especially now with GDPR.
The questions i would like to do are:

  1. At your site you say Installation and configuration support starting at € 990 one-time. Does this include only the basic setup (just installation) or the installation can have LDAP (connected with our 2012 AD) and a specific port , cert import(we have cert) , specific host name?
  2. After the installation what is the price for pay per call?
  3. Methods of paying.
    I suppose this can be done remotely through ssh or some other way.

Thank you.

I am trying to submit the above to the sites contact page and i have an error

Sorry, there was an error with the form you submitted

The error(s) detected:
Captcha code is missing.

Use the back key to go to the previous page and fix the issue!

I am going back but i dont see the captcha nowhere.


captcha working again so i submitted the questions there.

The post can be closed.

Hope you got the answers you are looking for :wink:

The problem is that until today i NEVER got any answer officialy from NC.
Thats not a nice attitude if you want to be taken seriously like a business.

Sorry to say but…

Hi John,

I just replied to you via email.

Mathias Conradt

Senior Sales Engineer

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