Contact update not possible


i had the problem that some of my contacts could not be changed. A friend moved, and i wanted to update the adress. But i just got an error “contact could not be saved”.
I realised with some testing, that this happened just for users that had a picture connected to the normal text-data. So i manually downloaded all contacts uploaded it into another test-calendar. the import created several “contact could not be saved” errors. But some of the contacts with pictures were imported and could be edited as well.
I then erased the photo data out of the vcf file and reuploaded it into yet another test-calendar. it went smoothly without an error. However i feel like the contacts missing in the first test-import were those contacts with the biggest pictures (-> most lines in the vcf file)
So i think there is an issue with the size of the pictures of contacts. I have not confirmed if this also happens if i attach a picture to a contact now or if this is an issue because of several updates from old versions of NC, because it works for me now and i don’t need the pictures anyways.
But i thought i should share this with you guys, maybe it helps someone in the same position and maybe someone wants to dig into this a bit further than me, because i am not that great with sql and error log debugging and therefore used the dirty fix :slight_smile: