Contact merge NextCloud for Thunderbird

I can’t find a way to merge duplicate contacts in automatic mode. How can I? I have thousands.
Thank you

I have the impression that the described problem has nothing to do with Nextcloud on a first glance.

Can you please provide DETAILED information about your environment, the used software and app versions. Additionally please describe IN DETAIL what you want to achive and how the problem looks like in which you’re running.

BTW, it is always helpful to use more than one sentence to describe a problem and to be as precise as possible :wink:

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Thanks so much. I did not want to dwell on it.
ENVIRONMENT: Linux (Debian 10), Firefox 78.8.0esr (64bit) and, through this, NextCloud of of which I use, in particular, the address book.
PROBLEM: There are about 80,000 addresses in the address book, many of which are repeated several times and I would like to know if it is possible to merge the same ones. I haven’t found a NexCloud feature that solves this problem.
Also: through the Thunderbird add-on, Cardbook, I access the NextCloud address book which resides on the Linuxfabrik server, in which, of course, there are the same contacts (they are synchronized). Linuxfabrik Technical Support, which I contacted, told me to contact this forum.
Cardbook can find duplicates, but only allows you to manually merge them one at a time. It would take a century!
So, I would like to do it via NextCloud if possible.

I hope I was clearer.
Thank you

Unfortunately such a function doesn’t exist in the Nextcloud Contacts app yet, although a related feature request already exists.

I think you need to look for other apps to get this job done. Afaik addons for Thunderbird, Android or iPhones exist which have exactly been created for that purpose.

Thank you. Looking for a solution for Thunderbird (on the pc) was the
first thing I did, but none of them merge contacts automatically,
without having to confirm them individually.
You understand that doing it some thousands of times is “tiring”. The
Android apps I know are ineffective.

That’s a good point to learn some scripting. If you are into python, this could perhaps help: vdirsyncer — vdirsyncer 0.16.8.dev0+gdcf5f70.d20180719 documentation
If the entries are identical, it shouldn’t be that difficult and if you search a bit, there are probably some examples to be found. If the entries are different or have complementary information, it’s more tricky.

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