Contact/Calendar Sync spins HDD up

I’m using NC20 via the official docker image. The data for the NC is located at the HDD-Raid. The mariadb-database is located on the system SSD.

My HDDs spin down after a while when not used. But when I sync my contacts or calendars, they spin up even though the contacts/dalendars are saved in the database. Is there a way do avoid the spin up of the HDDs? I expected that they do not have to spin up, because it is not necessary to touch the HDD when accessing the contacts/calendars in the database.

The problem was caused by:

Due to this bug an error was written to the log file every time the calendars/contacts where synced. The log file was on the HDDs so they spun up.

I used the fix for the bug and moved the log file to the SSD additionally. The HDDs do not spin up anymore.