Consulting help inquiry

I am using a nextcloud instance on bluehost dedicated hosing. I like it but I need some help to with set-up for talk, the back-end collabora server and performance optimization.

This use is a political campaign, for the Mayor / USA
I think that some consulting hours for set-up might suffice?
Is there anyone or a list of experts available who would be willing to help me on a consulting basis?
Thanks! We’ll likely revert / downgrade to google workspace if I can’t find some help to set up the instance that I started with… :frowning:

Rick / +1 (617) 623-1266

You should directly contact Nextcloud GmbH for enterprise support.

Thanks! Thanks for your reply!
I’ve done that! I have contacted nexcloud directly through their website. I have not received any reply yet but I am optimistic!
We are a CTE (Committee to elect) so as a non-profit we might not be qualified as and enterprise client.

I am looking also at subscribing with a paid nextcloud host.
Ideally, I would love to continue self-hosting as I am doing. But I don’t have strong enough developer vudo to take things to the next level; security, performance, backups etc. so I’m exploring.