Considering Hosting and curious about User Management

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I’m considering opening up my own Nextcloud instance that will be open to the public, and will allow free users to have X amount of storage space. What I’m hoping to find out is if there’s a relatively easy way to automate the ability for users to pay for additional space so that I don’t have to manually keep track of who’s paying for what, changing storage sizes manually, etc.

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Big providers offering NC hosting must have done this already but I have no idea if somebody made a solution available to public… If not you end up with your own user management…

you can easily define user groups for every plan you offer (quota, apps). I would maybe start with LDAP backend and create and sync user groups based on different plans… LDAP is commonly used for user management so I would expect lot of integrations or scripts to be available. but your maybe should choose the backend depending on your shop - if the shop can interact with specific user back-end (import all users from back-end, allow user to bay a plan, adopt the user setting in the backend). Once this is done provisioning NC using occ is not a big deal…

There is the registration app:

You could add features like user management, or do your own app.

Or you want to pay someone to help you earning money: