Considering free/busy times not only for the calendar Personal

I have an additional calendar “Vacation” for my personal vacation dates.
At the moment, Nextcloud shows only the busy times of the calendar “Personal”.
I would suggest an option for each calendar as to whether it should be considered for displaying busy times.

Thank you, tor

AFAIK that is the default unless the calendar is set to transparent: Option to set a calendar as transparent for free/busy · Issue #3193 · nextcloud/calendar · GitHub

Check if your vacation entries have the status busy and not free.

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Thanks for the fast answer.
Nextcloud does it right. It is a Mozilla Thunderbird problem. Appointments with start and end time are marked as “Busy” and all-day appointments as “Available”.

Does anyone know a solution how to change this behavior in Thunderbird?

Thunderbird (Lightning) all-day events can still be marked as busy. The default for all-day events is to show them as free. To change the event to busy, select Options > Show Time As > Busy.

Screenshot 2023-08-30 111733

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