Considerations for selecting a Nextcloud provider to sych your phone for personal use (free tier)

I’m just looking for an alternative to Apple and Google. gives me a random choice every time I go there. Different providers offer different features (apps?). I don’t care about storing large files at a Nextcloud provider, yet.

The free tier size is not an issue, I’m not sure if different providers offer more or less free storage in their free tiers. I just want to sync a few documents. And maybe notes and calendars and contacts? Frankly, I’m not sure how much of Apple and Google cloud syncing services can be replaced by a Nextcloud offer.

So even though the size of the free tier is not an issue for me, other perks are more important, this question is interesting. Let’s say a provider now gives X GB at its free tier offer, a few years in they give 2X GB. Will their old users be upgraded with the increased free tier offer?

Another interesting question is location, GDPR laws, and portability. I like GDPR regulation by default, but let’s say I travel to America or Asia for some time. It’s cool if the provider has servers here and there, too, and I can tell them I’m going to be in let’s say Asia for a few months, I want my data to be moved from their European servers to their Asian servers. It would be cool to do this with one click. Then I’m moving back to Europe, with another click I’d move back my data to the provider’s European servers.

Portability. God forbid, a providers goes out of business. Ideally I would be able to download all my data (not that much data as I stated above) with one click, register to another provider, upload my date with yet another click and everything is being put in its place again including files (and apps? notes, calendar, contacts; again, I’m not sure now much Apple and Google cloud functionality can Nextcloud replace). I’m new here. :slight_smile:

That is up to the provider.

Well you need a larger provider with a few locations. However, I’d wonder if that would be part of their free plans. It sounds more like a possible premium option.

There is no click option where you can easily transfer your account. If you have a decent provider, it is possible to get data (the files) and database stuff, so you can move to a new server/provider. Some I have seen promise you to provide you with this data anytime you want to you can move easily.

When first using Nextcloud, I hoped for this same level of functionality. It does not exist.