Connectivity issues with Android app

Hey together,

I use Nextcloud for quite a time now. More and more I use it on my Android phone. But the Nextcloud Android app seems to have connection issues. When I open the app it shows the connection activity (moving bar) a long time. Sometimes this bar runs infinitely and I don’t know why. WiFi is connected. The website of my Nextcloud server responds fine. And fast. Often I can play around with the Android app and “minimise” the app with the home button to reopen it afterwards and it connects. Another time I force close it. The connection is established fine on next initial open. Or I click on the “Files” button of the swipe menu from left side many times.

Does someone have similar issues? Is there a clear reason why Nextcloud Android app has these connectivity issues? Or even a solution to this?

I am really interested in your help.

Thanks a lot!

I see this rarely, and normally because I’m on a slow network, but it clears up pretty quickly.
If you enable expert mode in settings it should give you access to logs. Might be worth sharing those.

Slow connection is maybe not my first suggestion, because this happens also at home with good wifi coverage.
I have checked the expert mode, and its turned on. But the logs are empty. Well, my assuption here is that the logs should appear in the section “Protokolle”…

Due to the fact that a force close or even a minimize of the app solves the issue, I think that there might be an other reason. Android closes or at least pauses apps in background for better battery usage. Maybe this behaviour conflicts with the Nextcloud session handling?!

Is the NC app excluded from battery optimisations? You’re right in that those could play a part, but again I’d expect it to be more widely reported.

Can you let us know the Android make/model and version please?

@tobiasKaminsky @Andy

No, I did not change anything yet and I guess the default leaves “battery optimisation” enabled. I am using the BQ X5 Plus with Lineage OS 14.1 which runs Android 7.1.2.