Connection timed out Nextcloud server

Hi, i have installed nextcloud via snap application and can acces via localhost but not with my external domain. I have added trusted domain and port forwarded 80 and 443. Still everytime i try to acces nextcloud outside of lan i get the message : Connection timed out . The outside domain pings.

Any help would be appreciated !!


Snap setup is really simple, so the steps that you said to have taken is what it actually takes to make Nextcloud visible to the internet.


  1. Your ISP isn’t giving you a Public IP address to router and using CG-NAT.
  2. You have some Firewall (Ubuntu or Router) blocking traffic.
  3. Your Ubuntu Box Network settings are messed up.

So first check if your nextcloud is accessible via LAN in another machine. If it doesn’t then try to troubleshoot point 2/3

But if it is working via LAN in different machine, then check if your ISP is using CG-NAT.


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