Connection reset after external IP change

I begin to describe the problem by anticipating that Nextcloud is installed on a Raspberry PI in my house and, therefore, connected to a normal home internet connection; for this reason, in the case of a reboot of the router the external IP changes.
That said, the problem I encountered has been occurring for a few weeks: once the IP changes and I insert the new one into the DNS, before Nextcloud is reachable again I have to wait several hours, usually a day, during the which, connecting to the address where the server is installed, the error “Connection reset” appears.
Needless to say, all the other sub-domains of my server are easily reachable without problems and the DNS provider has assured me that on their part there are no problems.
I wonder then: how can I solve this annoying problem?

You most likely need to clear the DNS cache of the client.

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I tried to do this by clicking on the padlock in Chrome’s address bar and then deleting the site usage data, but it didn’t work.
Maybe it’s not the correct procedure?
It should also be noted that Nextcloud is inaccessible also through synchronization apps both on Android and on Linux.

No, I’m talking about clearing the DNS cache of your OS. DNS is not handled by the web browser.

OK thank you very much.
The next time my server changes IP I will try to clean up the DNS cache.


Just in case that doesn’t help, you could try to connect to your server from different devices (from different networks like 3G/ 4G instead of your home internet access) and see if that works. If so, the DNS entries are published quick enough.
If the other devices suffer the same problem, maybe the Time To Live (TTL) for your DNS entries is too long.

Regarding DNS cache in the browser:

How do you update your new IP address in the DNS records, manually or via script? If via script, how often does it run (assuming it runs automatically in a specific cycle)?