Connecting an NTFS NAS drive, setting permission problems

Hi everybody,

I’m new to the forum so please excuse me if I say/do something silly.

I installed Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi 2, with calender, contact, and tasks synchronization up and running. The issue started because I didn’t have an external drive to directly connect for added storage space, so I figured I could use the NAS drive connected to my FRITZBOX router.

Moving the data folder was pretty straightforward, except for the fact that the required permissions didn’t port along with it. This resulted in an error on the Nextcloud server which stated that the required permission of the data folder should have a 0770 permission.

To clarify, I don’t have the storage space required to reformat the drive so that is not an option, and all operations are done as superuser.

To mount the drive I added the following line in /etc/fstab/:

//FRITZ-NAS/homedrive/My_Passport /Network/share cifs credentials=/Network/serure/filename,vers=1.0,perm,users,auto,user_xattr 0 0

All relevant files and folders have a 777 permissions (read, write, and execute, for user, group, and other). Attempts to change them with the following lines will result in a waiting period but no error message, and no change in permissions or ownership of any files when checked using ls -l.

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /Network/share/Nextcloud/data
sudo chmod -R 750 /Network/share/Nextcloud/data

I have tried to mount the drive directly as USB drive, with line from the instructions given here:

UUID=12102C02102CEB83 /media/windows ntfs-3g auto,users,permissions 0 0

After which I was able to change the permissions of the relevant folders successfully, but when I put the drive back as NAS, the permissions were back to 777.

I understand that it should be possible to change the permission of NAS drives, but could it be that the NTFS formatting of the NAS drive is not allowing me to?

Is there any workaround or is it simply not possible?