Connect to an existing server


Is it possible to use NextCloud as a web-based file manager that connects to an existing server to upload, download, and edit files directly from the browser? Kindly ask for advice.


Yes, in many cases, by using the external storage app. You can connect to a variety of storage types such as FTP or SMB, and each is presented as a folder in Nextcloud.

Hi @KarlF12,

Thanks for the prompt reply.
Where can I set up this feature? I installed NextCloud using docker image by the way.


Just go under apps and enable External Storage. Then there will be an External Storage settings section.

In there you can also turn on the ability for users to map their own external storage, and then there will be an External Storage section in each user’s settings.

Also, one thing about the Docker image is it doesn’t have SMB support out of the box. If you need SMB you have to build a custom image. They have instructions for that.