Connect ssh with Putty error - nextcloudpi

when I connect with Putty to my nextcloudpi, I get this error message:

NextCloudPi v0.60.8 is up to date
pi@nextcloudpi:~ $ sudo nextcloudpi-config
sudo: nextcloudpi-config: command not found

Do you know why?
Thank you for your help

Your header line is misleading. This is not a ssh or putty problem, but just tells that the nextcloudpi-config command was not found.


Thank you for your answer

I know that.

Unfortunately, no commands work.

Is there a web page with the commands that NextcloudPi accepts?

sudo ncp-config

Thank you very much nachoparker, It works.

do you know how to access and modify “trusted_domains” normally it is in config/config.php
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

After making changes to config.php “trusted domains” , it needs a reload/restart of webservices or reboot to take effect.

Thank you very much OliverV.
I can’t find the config.php file
do you know where is on nextcloudpi?

I’ve been trying
$ sudo gedit /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php
sudo: gedit: command not found
pi@nextcloudpi:~ $ sudo gedit /var/snap/nextcloud/current/nextcloud/config
sudo: gedit: command not found

pi@nextcloudpi:~ $ /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php ls
-bash: /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php: Permission denied

gedit is a gui text editor, it will not work in cli.
try nano or vi instead.
sudo nano /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php

It works, thank you very much OliverV,.