Connect nextcloud and onlyoffice installed on 2 different pcs

I have installed nextcloud 14 on my orangepi+2e with 2gb ram and 16gb emmc storage.
and onlyoffice document server on my pc which stays on for 24 hours with 6gb ram.
on my pc’s browser i have installed letsencrypt cert for my domain
and on my opi+2e i have installed nextcloud14 which is perfectly working on my
i have a netgear router, from which i forward port 80 and 443 to my opi+2e,
now comes my point,
i cannot connect onlyoffice app to my officedocumentserver which is on local ip (, as my router forward port 443 to my opi+2e
can anybody helpme to route call to my pc local port (
i have nextcloud14 installed with nginx, php7.2, redis.
Please guide me,
Thanks in advance.

Please some body

well i got it by some more googling
i have to change ports of my nginx for onlyoffice.conf to 8082 and 4443
and than i forwarded that 4443 port to my local ip where onlyoffice was installed.
and than i added to onlyoffice app in nextcloud, and also i have to change rejectUnauthorized in /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/defaults.json to false and restart services `upervisorctl restart all’ - as per this guidelines

thanks to all those guys who put effort in making this work.