Connect Moodle to Nextcloud


I want to connect Moodle to Nextcloud using this guide

But when saving the OAuth2-Config it says:
error/Could not discover end points for identity issuer

In my nginx log i see the following:
2019/09/28 19:21:40 [error] 2751#2751: *4412 access forbidden by rule, client: 2a01:4f8:140:5208::2, server:, request: “GET /.well-known/openid-configuration HTTP/1.1”, host: “

Nginx is set using the config from:

Why istn’t it working?


Hi Klaus!
Do you have any solution for your problem? I want to my nc-users to be able to login to moodle with the same credentials, but i’m getting the same error as you.


I solved this by adding a field correspondance :