Connect 5 servers with each other

I have 4 nextcloud server 2 hosted on the same server in the UK
1 hosted in Pakistan
1 hosted in the USA
I want to connect with each other like If Uk clients want to share files with USA clients, they do it. It is possible? I simple words I want to integrate. (I my organization peoples need to share the files currently we are using google drive and make an editor and then share the file.

See Global Scale – Nextcloud or Federation – Nextcloud

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I think you are not understanding my requirements for example I have a client (abc) in Pakistan he want to share a file with (def) in UK server how they can reach. server not accesable from Pakistan to UK. its live IP but not connect with each other we tried to enter email ids in share tab but not

I don’t get the point you say

But otherwise Federation - Nextcloud should match your requirement as @rakekniven already stated. And you definitely can use “normal” file sharing with URL…

May be.

Please add a better description and add what is possible and what isn’t.
Is VPN a solution?

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for example, I have 3 servers with these users .
server 1 = users1
server 2 =users2
server 3= users3
I want to share the file with users1 . when I type users1 he cannot find the suggestion .see the image

when 1 gon on server2 and want to share with server 3 and wrote the name letters I will find the suggestion. (means the server 2 find the server 3 users ). And server3 or server2 cannot find the users of server 1.

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Please add more information about your setup.
How did you connect the server?

If users from server2 can be found by server3 you have them connected in anyway.

We need more details to help you.

I am not doing anythin just install it and added in trust servers
which type of details you want

@Asfand_Yar for sharing files with other users on a different server you need to do this each time :

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I have 2 questions
If we need to mention how the server 2 and server 3 works
2 is there any way to share the contact

@Asfand_Yar have you enable this settings in your shares section in admin panel ? ( see the screenshot )