Confusion about nextcloud-client vs nextcloud-desktop

Hi, i am using Ubuntu Mate 20.04
On my Computer with Ubuntu Mate 18.04 i installed nextcloud-client.
Now i want to install the client for nextcloud on Ubuntu Mate 20.04
There are packages wich are called nextcloud-client and nextcloud-desktop.
Do you rename the nextcloud client?
Why did i didn’t find anything on google when i am searching for “nextcloud-client nextcloud-desktop”?
When you follow the ppa link on it is still referring to and still recommend to add ppa:nextcloud-devs/client ?!?
I am confused

Package naming is up to Ubuntu.

My guess is that one is a CLI client and the other one the desktop app you want.

On 20.04 the version should be quite up to date, no need to use a PPA.

No, i think its both the same.
You get CLI, when you install the nextcloud-desktop-cmd package.

I’m not sure, but Nextcloud’s official instructions for Ubuntu say to install from this PPA: