Conflicting file issue

Hi all,

I just started using Nextcloud on a managed cloud, server version 26.0.2.

I intend to use it as a live backup. So to start of, I’m uploading my whole Documents folder (MacOS 12.6.7). This takes a while. Meanwhile I am continuing working on some files. I’m then repeatedly getting conflicting file warnings from the client. The behaviour is strange since:

  • no one besides me is using the cloud, and I’m using only one device
  • the local version is clearly newer
  • in the conflicting file dialogue file size and date are sometimes displayed wrongly. sometimes one of the two files is 0 bytes. sometimes the date is reported wrong. In the browser view of the cloud, the date is displayes correctly
  • telling the app, in the dialogue, to resolve the conflict in one way or the other (despite the above mentioned problems) has no effect

I found reports of this problem dating back several years, and I wonder how it is possible that this problem persists? I tried client versions 3.3.6 and 3.9.0. For the moment, I hope the cause is that I’m doing a bulk upload of 30GB with interruptions, and that everything reverts back to normal when this is finished (there are some hints out there that this could be the case). Or is there any other known fix for this?

Any help is appreciated - since the cloud is pretty much unusable in this state. thanks!


Nextcloud is not a backup solution. Even if you have versions of a file, if a file is deleted and recreated, this versions are deleted as well. If you storage is full, there is a background procedure to delete older versions. So you can’t rely that you keep a backup.

For a single client, this should not happen. If the database operations are slow (no proper caching settings of the database, no dedicated filelocking cache), there can be problems and file upload is very slow.