Conflicted files


Nexcloud 25.0.2 on snap
Windows client 3.6.4

I have been using Nextcloud for more than two years now, mostly without problems. I have the windows client installed on two machines and a bunch of files synchronized; i am the only user of it. For few days now, i have a problem; each time i open a file and modify it, i get Conflict File Error. For each modification on the file, anew error, a new duplicate file appears, instead of have the same on overwritten like it was until now. Attached an image with an example, which is a notepad++ file opened (file number 2) and after each character modification in that file, another conflicted copy gets automatically created.
I have not changed anything to this Setup since ages, no modification.

Would really appreciate if someone could give me some hints of tshoot (i am not very skilled in nextcloud and linux, just basic tasks).

Thank you

guys, any ideeas?

any ideeas?

In the meantime, the windows client got updated to 3.6.6 version, but there is no change. problem persists.

any ideeas?