Conflict on changed file shared via federation-cloud-id

a file is being shared by federated-Cloud-ID between two nextcloud servers running version 22.2.3.
The share receiver it permitted to work on that share.

The file is reaching the nextcloud server and after that via Desktop-Client Version 3.4.1 at the local PC.
If I editing the file at the local client, a conflict-error occurs.
This is happen on a ubuntu-PC and a Windows-PC running Client version 3.4.1 both.

I can download and than upload an edited file “replacing the version” to the server" holding the shared file. This changed file will be sync to the sharing nextcloud server as expected.

For my conclusion, the client is handling the shared file as “read only” by a bug!?

Any idea of the reason for seeing this behavior?

Thanks for you help


No one having a similar constellation and see, or see not, the conflict-problem?