Conflict between Nextcloud and ownCloud desktop nautilus integration

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I discovered a conflict between Nextcloud and ownCloud nautilus integration, which I first interpreted as a broken owncloud package.

I have both Nextcloud and ownCloud desktop app installed on my Ubuntu 20.04 system, both with several accounts.

nextcloud-desktop: 3.3.0-20210804.143427.acf3bf095-1.0~focal1, just updated to 3.3.1-20210814.134354.cd934ba80-1.0~focal1, which does not change anything to the problem

owncloud-client : 2.8.2+oc-4246

The nautilus integration tool which works are owncloud-client-nautilus and nautilus-nextcloud, but I cannot use both. They mess up and I end up having duplicates nextcloud entry in contextual menus on nextcloud folders and nothing for owncloud.

Nextcloud nextcloud-desktop: 3.3.0-20210804.143427.acf3bf095-1.0~focal1
Operating system : Ubuntu 20.04)_:

The issue you are facing:
nautilus-nextcloud conflicts with owncloud-client-nautilus

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (N):

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Install owncloud and nextcloud
  2. Install also nautilus integration
  3. Try to get contextual menus from Nextcloud and ownCloud local folders.
  4. No owncloud menu on local owncloud folders or files, duplicate Nextcloud entry on Nextcloud local folders or files