Confirm before share file

Nextcloud version:11.0.2
Operating system and version: Ubuntu 16.04.2
Apache or nginx version: Apache 2.4.18
PHP version: 7.0.15

Hi, I would like to protect sharing between users with a confirmation.
I mean: If user “A” share file with user “B”, I would like B receive a notification (in order to approve or deny file sharing).
Is it possible?
thank you very much!

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If you give B the power to confirm or deny, then there should be no problem with them having access to the file immediately. In that case, it’s no different than how it works right now. All B needs to do is delete the file from his side, effectively “denying” the share.

Or am I misunderstanding?

Hi, let’s say user “A” is malicious, he could share some inappropriate content to B.
Obviously B can remove share, but I would like to prevent such situation.
Thank you very much!

In my mind this comes down to trust. If you don’t trust user A to not share malicious content, they should not be allowed to share. Ideally it should not be up to the end user to avoid maliciously shared files. Another option is to turn off sharing through the sharing API (I think that’s possible), so they can only share links. Then user B can decide whether or not to download it.

Why would you have users that might share malicious files?

Let’s say you give Nextcloud to all students of an high school (it is just an example, of course).
You can’t be sure that no one will do something nasty!

But even if user B has the possibility to decline a share, how could a be sure that the shared folder/ file was malicious? Doesn’t he have to have a look at the content first? In that way he could delete the share also with the current implementation of removing shared content.
Just my thoughts, because I see no benefit with a confirmation.

Like linucksrox suggested I would also go for the users who are not trustworthy and block them if they don’t obey the rules on your server.

Hi Schmu, because not all users know each other.
Anyway, is there a way to receive an email when someone shares file?
I mean: B share file with A; A should receive an email with message “B just shared a file with you”.
Even if A cannot avoid this :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!!

Yes, this is possible. In the user settings, every user can define for what changes on NC he receives an email or just a notification on his stream (activity app).

In NC 12 you can define default settings as admin. So you could define that by default every user receives an email for shared files/ folders.

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Hi, I just upgraded to 12 :slight_smile:

It seems notifications are not sent immediately; are they managed by crontab (every 1 hour)?
Is there a way to decrease that interval?
Thank you again!

Also in the user settings you can define how often a summary email shall be sent.
Unfortunately the possibilities are limited here. 1 hour is the smallest interval.

I read somewhere that the NC team is already working on push notifications for shares and so on. So such a feature may come soon.

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Thank you very much!

Just throwing this out there, you can also do something with groups and restrict sharing within those groups if that helps in your situation.