Configuring samba drive location ncp v1.4.6

im having an issue as i just got everything for my ncp currently over ssh setup and its been like that for a day,
but initially i was supposed to make this ncp build work with 2 drives
drive 1 ncp install and nc sync filehost, drive 2 local smb share between a linux laptop and a windows desktop. and in the ideal setup make drive 2 not sync with the ncp´s online capabilities as along with nc-scan therefore truly making it a local share

how ever after i started following the config guide to deepen into setting up the label and directory for my secondary drive ( i came to the problem of not actually being able to do anything other than activate smb, no directory defining in /smb/samba/smb.conf not in the webui or tui infact the webui and tui only lets me “activate” the smb which in return serves no purpose as the drive is then shared between each other

the reason i need to set it up like this is because i am connecting 2. 500gb drives together as they provide me with ample enough space, but the case just so happens that at the current moment i can not afford to buy bigger drives not that i need to i just simply want to enable both of those

thank you for reading and my apologies for any mistakes made in language as english is not my native language

with regards,