Configuring mail app via command line

Is it possible to configure the mail accounts in the mail app using the command line.

I am busy to create my ideal Nextcloud configuration. Often I had to start again from scratch, so if I can define the account settings (POP/IMAP, SMTP, username, password, etc.) on an easy way…

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You could export oc_mail_accounts table from your database and import it later when you start from scratch. :exclamation: But :exclamation: this is something that you MUST avoid on production! Because you never know which other tables in database also holds information tied to entries in oc_mail_accounts table. If not at this moment then maybe later with some future nextcloud version or just upgraded mail app version.

Thanks @mrizvic.
I am not familiar with database tables and I am “afraid” for the situation you described in your caution. That’s why I want to know how to configure my mailaccount using the command line (sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ mail:… ??)

Yes, try occ mail:account:create --help and follow the instructions

this app is obsolete. Mail can now persist provisioned accounts.

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