Configuring External Storage (GUI) - Does the app still exist?

Dear nextcloud community,

I search in vain for the External Storage Support application in the Nextcloud App Store, which is described in the Administrator’s Guide (Link).

Does the External Storage Support application still exist?

Many thanks for your feedback!

I can see it. I log in as an administrator, click on the avatar in the upper right corner, select “Settings”. Then on the settings page, scroll down on the left side. Under Administration, I see “External Storage”. That is the config page for that app. I am running NextCloud 17.0.3.


Hello Doug,

Thank you for your response!

In my Nextcloud instance (17.0.2) there is no menu item “External Storage” under Settings / Administration. Doesn’t the “External Storage Support” app have to be installed before the menu item you mentioned appears?

Please open the “Apps” menu in your cloud and click the search item in the upper right area.
Enter “external”. One of the apps it shows you should be “External storage support”.

If not, please check if your nextcloud server is behind a firewall that somehow blocks access to the app store/update servers or is configured as “not connected to the internet” through config.php options.

You are right regarding the appstore ( I cannot find it, too. Probably an issue for github.