configure port ip public onlyoffice in nextcloud

Good afternoon,

I have a ubuntu server with GUI which I have installed nextcloud and onlyoffice, in nextcloud I have configured in the nextcloud - documentserver option the lan ip locally, being able to create and edit onlyoffice documents from the nextcloud platform, also configure to access nextcloud externally with a public IP with the NAT of the router that directs to the server with which it has an IP of my LAN network.

The problem arises when I have modified the onlyoffice documentserver configuration in nextcloud with the public ip where the message comes out that it does not find the url and I cannot access externally to create a onlyoffice document within the nextcloud platform, which shows me a message “can not access onlyoffice, contact admin”.

I’m working without ssl and I don’t have a proxy server to block something.

I wait for the help and guidance and see what file I have to configure the public ip to be able to create onlyoffice documents from the nextcloud platform externally.


Hi @Miguel_Angel_Lopez_C,
have you configured a domain for your onlyoffice server?
I’m using a reverse proxy in front of onlyoffice to set HTTPS , domain and redirect all request to the correct port ( 8082)
Have you open the correct port and redirect it to your server for onlyoffice ?
you can set onlyoffice parameter like this :

If your nextcloud web page is set to https, you must set your onlyoffice web access as https