Configure Nextcloud to use an SMB share for all user data/files - Ubuntu Server 20.04

Hi all,

New to forum and Nextcloud.

I have recently installed Nextcloud in Ubuntu Server 20.04. It is fully up and running with no known issues.

Before I start adding users and using it properly I would like to configure it to use an SMB share for user files. How can I set this up? The Nextcloud installation is running on an Ubuntu Server with only 20GB of disk space. I have a TrueNAS server on the network that I plan to use for the Nextcloud storage.

Anything Nextcloud configuration/installtion related I want to live on the 20GB Ubuntu disk but for anything else, user file/folders etc, I need Nextcloud to use the SMB share.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



quick hint: search the forum using keywords smb shareand see what comes up… I’m sure there are working solutions for you.

good luck

You should use the external storage app for this. Just name it / and it will become the Nextcloud users root storage.