Configure Nextcloud box only per wifi

Hello everyone,
I just recently got my nextcloud box and I try to make it work, but I have a problem. I have ONLY internet per WIFI and all instructions that I found make references to use Ethernet cable.
I am trying to make my USB WIFI work but I can’t do it.
iwconfig gave me: command not found
ifconfig don’t detect the usb wifi.

I used to use my owncloud per wifi and did think Nextcloud could be so easy to connect like my old owncloud.
Please, can someone tell me what can I do.

Ethernet cable is easier for setting it up because you don’t need to connect a screen and login in order to configure a wifi connection. I don’t know the current nextcloud-box-image but you perhaps need to connect the device via network in order to install required drivers for wifi…

The problem is, I don’t have physical access to the routher. Routher is not in my home. So any solution that includes an Ethernet cabel is not a solution for me :frowning:

Not sure if that exists in the Windows/Linux world, but I can tell my macbook to share my wifi connection to devices connected via network cable.
But let’s ask the snap experts if there are wifi driver included? @oparoz @jospoortvliet

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Also, it’s possible on Windows to share a connection and connect the box directly to the Ethernet port using a standard cable.

Thanks! I ike this path… I use Linux, is this possible in Linux too?

It must be possible but I don’t know if there is a nice switch on the Desktop interface (probably depends on your distro as well). If you setup a network you can do this manually with iptable-rules and set up masquerading. Use a search engine and ask the community of your distribution.

Thanks! I’ll do it.
It is good to know there is a way to find a solution.

I think the network manager in Ubuntu makes this easy to do. I remember having seen some nice tutorials with screenshots.

Do I need a crossover Ethernet cabel or with a normal Ethernet cabel can I achieve this? I don’t really know

The great thing with the Pi2 is that a normal cable works :slight_smile:

I could get internet per Ethernet cabel like you said. But I can not configure the wifi.
I followed many tutorial and nothing works, I think it is to difficult to me.
I don’t get it why the WIFI is not working by deffault, do you forget people who don’t have access to Routher?
What can I do now?
Or why don’t you make a tutorial step by step “how to set up wifi” for people like me?

The problem usually comes from the fact that the hardware/driver doesn’t support the host mode. So we can’t write a single tutorial which will work a 100% of the time.

Our assumption is that people will connect the Box to a router in 95+% of the cases.

but shout it be a solution or not? I had my owncloud only per Wifi. and not saying Ocloud is better, just if I could get Wifi there, why not here in Nextcloud?

You don’t have ownCloud via Wifi. You’ve configured a server which is accessible via wifi only and installed ownCloud on it. You can do the same with Nextcloud if you just upgrade ownCloud to Nextcloud on that server.

Regarding the Box, your best bet would be to use a Wifi dongle, as explained in the link I posted. A snap based installation is different, you have to install snaps to get what you want, which is usually easier than having to configure your own server, but there are less possibilities.