Configure NAS from HTTP to HTTPS?

Hello, firstly, I’m new here and have very little experience with docker containers on NAS but want to learn more.

I have recently wanted to setup a home cloud server and am just testing it at the moment, when i got logged in for the first time it says that I would need to configure to go from HTTP to HTTPS.

The problem I have is I don’t know what code I need to access or edit on my NAS to add the code to do the redirect.

Any advice would be very helpful, and thank you all in advance.


Hello @PodgePapin ,

such a “forwarding” is not as simple as I think you think. For a functioning SSL certificate (i.e. https connection), it would be best if you have a domain for it. You can then establish a secure connection via Let’s Encrypt, for example.

However, if you run Nextcloud via Docker, you can use Cloudflare Tunnels to secure your Nextcloud instance even more easily with https://.

Best regards,

Hi, thank you very much for you reply, I will look into this to see what it involves.