Configuration with Docker: cannot access nextcloud with the local ip address

Hello. I installed nextcloud on my ubuntu 20 LTS machine with docker, but I am unable to access the nextcloud interface with the machine’s local ip address. I am forced to use the ip address of the nextcloud container to access the portal. Please, what can I do to access this portal with the local address of my network card followed by the port number ???

did you read the manual? most likely you miss to expose the port of your container.


    image: nextcloud
      - 8080:80

docker networking manual explains you everything you need in depth.

Thank you. I was able to access it.
please tell me, is it possible to send and receive mail from the nextcloud mail client without having purchased a domain name first ??

Nextcloud Mail is a simple WebMailer - it has almost nothing to do with Nextcloud Server and Domain… you can configure it with every mail account.

OK, thanks.

I managed to configure the emails with the procedure you sent me. Then I tried a video call and got a message saying that my microphone and my camera cannot work in HTTP. that You have to modify the installation in order to use https.

I therefore restart the installation with the docker-compose from the official site
which you can see in attachment

but when I access the nexttcloud interface from my browser, and I fill in the connection information, I have the error message (error while trying to create admin user: failed to connect to the database: an exception occurred in the driver: sqlstate [hy000] [1045] access denied for user ‘nextcloud’@‘’) which you can see as an attachment.

always attached the information that I filled in the connection interface according to my docker-compose

thank you in advance for your help

(Attachment docker-compose.yml is missing)

the nextcloud community mail server, refusing yml files, here are the screenshots showing the configuration of my docker-compose

I’m sorry I’m lost…

screenshots you post show initial setup of Nextcloud… has nothing to do with mail or local IP… I have no idea what you want to achieve and what is your problem…


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