Configuration for reliable, offsite nextcloud instance

Hello all,
I will probably be going to school overseas soon, and I need some form of cloud backup/storage for my stuff, and Nextcloud seems like the best option. My father doesn’t mind if the system lives in his basement (we will share it). I will only be home and able to access it roughly once every 6 months, so reliability is key. It is also especially important that if a power loss occurs, it is able to recover on its own (maybe with someone having to press the power button…minimal/no user interaction), and that should a drive failure occur, the failed drive is able to be hot-swapped for a new one, and the array automatically rebuild.

I was originally going to use a Pi, but it seems that some have performance issues on the Pi, and an older Dell PowerEdge server is basically the same price at the end of the day, so I’m probably gonna go with an older secondhand Dell server.

What I am not sure of is what to host Nextcloud on. I was thinking the AIO docker container either on Debian Stable, or FreeNAS.
Any input greatly appreciated. Still very much in the planning stage but I want to make sure I do it right.

you can run Nextcloud using almost every OS you want. All-in-One is a set of Docker containers so you can use every system capable of running Docker from Raspi over major Linux distribution, NAS to even Windows… I would recommend you choose a system/OS you are already familiar with - this allows you to understand and avoid potential issues. Don’t forget to create proper backup (off-site offline backup as well to address catastrophic event like fire or flooding). As you don’t seem to do self-hosting already I would recommend choosing some hosted/managed Nextcloud initially as self-hosting can be very demanding and not the best solution when your primary goal is reliability.

likely this page helps you Nextcloud - Self-hosted cloud storage software for home users

Thank you for this. I will probably end up using Debian, just because I am familiar with it, whereas I have never used FreeNAS and have no experience with it. Yes, I have a small Synology NAS that I will be using for offsite backup. I will also be using Tailscale for remote access to make any potential maintenance easier.

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