Configuration best practices for a small organisation of volunteers?


I Will be reinstalling our vps in a few weeks and I want to do it properly this time :slight_smile:

I’ll administer our 35 members in LdAP, to make user management easier,
But I still don’t know how I should share the files in the best way… Do I create a dummy user Who owns the shared files, or do I simply add external storage as an admin? I guest the second option is the cleanest, but I think permissions on external storage are less fine grained? Am I overlooking a third option?

Fyi: our users should not have any private data: everything is shared

As of Nextcloud 12 you as an admin can create global shares. So I would personally go that route and forego the dummy user/external storage… unless you rely on external storage independently of Nextcloud?

Thank you, @JasonBayton. I will indeed be installing the new version 12 and am not dependant on external storage systems. Next stop: reading up on ‘global shares’!

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If it’s useful I’ve also documented a pretty good guide to get you up and running.