Config validationcheck

I just spent the better part of an hour tracing down a problem with my install that ended up being a typo in the config.

While I clearly had the dumb, I surely can’t be the only one here! is there any sort of validation tool to make sure the NC config is at least valid?

I ended up finding the apache log file (which was ok, but not amazing). Still took a while to find a typo. Maybe the problem is the logs need to be more visible when they throw errors? If so, how do you all go about doing that?

Just looking for a better approach!

For config documentation read this
There is also a file named config/config.sample.php

If my config is not valid ( i have tested it for you) i get a HTTP 500 Internal Error.

Perhaps you can change the log level.

'loglevel' => 2,

Loglevel to start logging at. Valid values are: 0 = Debug, 1 = Info, 2 = Warning, 3 = Error, and 4 = Fatal. The default value is Warning.

Set it to

'loglevel' => 0,

I tried this:

the noise level was FAR too high. Unless you also have a recommendation of a tool to filter?