Config/config.php not necessary anymore

Hi there,

I just made the so far successful trip from NC 12 to NC 13. Everything does seem quite ok, I have to admit I just copied the old .htacess to the new system, so i wont get any security warnings.

But I wonder: in my NC 13 installation now the config directory is completely empty - in the old installation, i had some stuff there, conig.php which carried a lot of stuff like passwordsalt, dbhost, maintenance mode true false etc - should i copy my old config.php file to config dir or is that not necessary anymore?


If you dont use the updater you should do it, to use your old system like you did on NC12.
The Updater shouldn´t delete any files, so I think you did a fresh reinstall. Just Copy :wink:
Best way with flag cp -Rp.

I did use the updater, after starting NC 13 i got the usual security warnings which dissappeared when I uploaded my old .htaccess (as usual with every update I went through).

This may be due to that I am on hosted eniviroment where i got some different .htaccess wording (eg adding “always” to some lines) from my hoster.

Well, does it work?

It does work ok so far but since I don´t know too much about the depths of NC I put up this posting to ask if I should better reinstated that config.php file in config or if it has been left out intentionally. if it isn´t used, i´d rather not carry that baggage around

A config file is for every web application necessary.
It saves the configuration of the installer after installation.
Every update packet you download with is just the normal packet for a normal installation.
unique in the update is to overwrite all old files. So it makes no sense to bring out a packet with an available config, because then your settings will gone due the overwriting process.

Anybody knows definitively of I need config.php in config for NC 13 or if this has been dropped in NC 13?

You´ve copied it already, I suppose…
So rename the file and see what happens and I hope then, that you will answer yourself your question…
I explained last post why every web application needs a config file.
If it’s still unclear, keep asking, but close your webserver to protect yourself legally, because you should be able to protect your webserver.

No i did not copy the file and there is - as i wrote - no file present in that directory

Yes and as I´ve written that this is still correct!
In case you want use your old installation you should copy it - as i wrote - …

I’m really sorry, but how is this possible? It makes no sense.

How does nextcloud connect to your backend database, if there’s no config file with the credentials?

Jep without /path/to/nextcloud/config/config.php Nextcloud should not work, essentially as database access info is missing.

Are you sure you checked the right Nextcloud directory and not some backup/temp download/unpack location? Within the Nextcloud download archives there is no config.php included (just the example). This is then created on first access and installation process (occ or web ui installation) with the need to define at least database and admin user info.
Thus as well, when updating via web updater, the config.php remains untouched besides version string.