Concept: High Performance Backend for big files: What is its scope?

Hi there
I’d like to ask about the (future) concept of HPB.

I understand that HPB is advertized in the region of polling and fast inter-machine messaging.
I see that for actual data (file-) transfer there exists a concept called “bulk upload”.
I read somewhere that WebDAV transfer seems to be dicussed as a “fallback option”.

Currently there seem to be issues open around the bulk upload from the client.
I could never saturate my 1G/10G line over a local subnet.

Nevertheless what is the conceptual future target with transfers, bandwidth and the possible saturation of a line for big files?

Is HPB meant to become the superior offloader for big files, if present?
Can someone enlighten me?

Thank you very much

How big are the files?

8 to 40+ GB
If you ask for the bulk uploader issue, these are 20k (amount) files totalling 4 GBytes.