Computer freezes at wake-up from stanby [Linux client]


I’m been puzzled about a sightly non-reproducible behaviour. In my laptop, sometimes if I close the lid (computer goes to standby), and come back some time later and open again, then press a key to wake-up, I get a black screen and not possibility to gain control to pc. (only option is the hardware power button).

Ok, I know, this seems totally unrelated to nextcloud, but today I realized that this only happens if I have entered the password for the nextcloud client.

I’m running archlinux, nextcloud-client 2.3.1, and KDE.

Could be not related to nextcloud, but I ask here, because I think it could be, because if I never enter the password in the client, the computer can go to standby and wake many times without trouble.

Thanks a lot for your attention.


You can report it here:

But there is no independent client development yet. You can try the original ownCloud client (NC only changes the branding) and then report the issue to the original client repo:

You should enable the logging into a file, reproduce this error and look for problems in the logfile. Here is a troubleshooting guide for the client: