"Composer autoloader not found "... trying to install on shared host via tar.gz

My server is a shared host (on namecheap).
I downloaded the current release (2023-04-01) :

wget https://github.com/nextcloud/server/archive/refs/tags/v25.0.2.tar.gz
tar xzf v25.0.2.tar.gz
cd server-25.0.2
./occ (or any other php file, or any other occ command)

`Composer autoloader not found, unable to continue. Check the folder “3rdparty”. Running “git submodule update --init” will initialize the git submodule that handles the subfolder “3rdparty”.

I can run commands (and composer) from the “build” directory,
but then run into other errors & problems.

I was just following orders : https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/latest/admin_manual/installation/command_line_installation.html

  • Nextcloud was running on this account a year ago (on a different url/db. This is a fresh new installation).
  • all files and folders in namecheap shared hosting has a single user & group. So it’s probably not a permission problem.

I had inconsistent issues with the graphical install, hence trying the CLI.

What should be the install procedure?

I worked around it this way:
used the web insstaller to just download the files (steps 1+2)
made the occ file executable: chmod a+x occ
and resumed installation via command line.
No further problems in installation.