Complete Layman Looking for Help

Hello all,

I am in the process of de-googling and looking to find a secure, private but also convenient cloud/calendar/collaboration set-up for my family and medium sized company that I own.

I found NextCloud a few days ago and it looks like something that would be perfect for me.

I have a few issues that I was hoping some people from the community can assist me with.

  1. Are the providers that host NextCloud safe and 100% secure/private?

  2. I am leaning more toward storing my server at home or office so I have full control. However I am illiterate when it comes to linux and this level of computing and do not have the time to learn everything that I don’t understand when viewing the installation manual. Does anybody have a very simple step by step guide for installation for someone who understands nothing about Linux?

  3. Due to #2 above, I am considering purchasing an already set up device containing NextCloud. Are these safe in regards to security and privacy? Are there any backdoors that are installed possibly during set-up? Are these easy to use for a layman like myself?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Hi Tony,
welcome to the Nextcloud Community.

There are Angels and Devils. Nextcloud is totally free and can be hosted by everyone.
So the answer for 100% security is a clear NO!

The guide depends on some things like the used operating system, your hardware, … so you have to think about your needs.
There are some guides in the how-to section of this board:

The following site with some pre-configured devices may help you with this:

There is no 100% security. The devices and their software also need to be maintained.

I never used these pre-build systems, so I don’t know. - It should work out of the box.