Complete guide to hosting nextcloud on windows server

Hello everyone
I have a working installation of nextcloud on an Ubuntu machine. I’m very happy with it, but for different reasons, I would like to move my cloud on to a windows Server 2019 machine.
I’ve tried using windows subsystem Linux, but got stuck when attempting to access the website.
reading on a bit it seems that using a container might be a good approach, but I’m new to that, so I’m looking for a complete guide to setting up Nextcloud on a windows server. I need to be able to access the site remotely.
I don’t care if it’s done using containers or windows subsystem Linux.
Does anyone have the time and expertise to help out?


Not tested

I manager to do this, but for stuck egen trying to reach the site. The problem was that I didn’t know How to forward traffic to the site…

I use NC on a vm on Windows Server 2019 and I’m quite happy with it. Installation is a breeze using the prepared vm of Hanson:

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Hi Leif, that might be the solution im looking for. Ill give IT a try tonight, thanks