Complete Blockage of all external applications

Hey everyone,

we are starting to use Nextcloud in our company to share larger files with external partners (both up and download). We do not want it to become a secondary file share next to our main file server, so we limited some things: users can only access after request (specific AD group created for this), quota at 1 GB per user - and what I would like to do now is block the usage of any external application to access the files (Android, iOS, Windows).
I already tried the file access controll app, which blocks the donwload of files. But the files are still visible and even available when offline.

Is there any way to limit the NextCloud access to the web browser at the moment? I was thinking about the firewall, but it looks like the apps are also just using 443 like the website - at least we do not have anything else open at the moment.

Thanks in advance


You know what some senior product manager at Apple told us on a conference back in the days…? “Don’t try to solve social issues technically!”

NC is inherent a file share and sync solution, it is it’s DNA. Your issue is awareness and company policies. You can try to solve this technically, but it’s an uphill battle you can’t win. State a solid policy, stick to it and enforce it! That’s the way to go.

Just my 2c, of course.