Compatibility list for each NC release

First of all thanks that you improved the upgrade process since forking owncloud to nextcloud. A lot has improved but there is still more to do.

Please improve the upgrade process with more “pre-flight checks” to ensure if it is safe to upgrade before actually performing the update. Not just checking if a NC app is available or compatible with the new NC version. Please verfy if this app “test coverage against clients” fit to my local “nextcloud clients landscape”.

Nextcloud is a central service for all users that are collaborating and it faces a zoo of devices, client software, client software versions and client operating systems. Collect feedback on BETA phase and aggregate statistic in a compatibility list. Which NC app and client combination was successful tested, which has issues (at least for some users). Make this compatibility list available with each NC release (after BETA phase; on stable release). To let admins focus on the right subset of tests to ensure the “untested clients” are covered instead of waisting time / efforts for re-testing already tested clients. On a stable release you do not expect to test at all. If i want to test i would have joined the BETA phase…

Provide a statistic report about all clients that has been connected to the current version of NC since this NC version was installed. At lease use the agent header, try to map it to users (via authentication data). Show it aggregated and non-aggregated (user) in NC admin backend to enable admins to compare local “collaboration landscape” against this compatibility list to determine if it is safe up upgrade NC to next version (to calculate risks or to start a local BETA / GAMMA test with a selected group (some users) of “untested devices” on a separate NC instance before making a new NC version available to my crowd).

Enable a feedback system to report issues or “tested&works” results to you.

Would be perfect if this compatibility list can be in machine readable and the upgrade process would calculate “risk” in a pre-flight step before performing the upgrade process.

When you release a new version of nextcloud (in this case NC12). Please update at release day. I want to get a clue on whats may cause issues BEFORE i install a new version.

Since owncloud (and still in nextcloud) the upgrade process is still a scary task - you never know if it will work as expected.

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