Community link needs to be front and center on website

If the community is going to be a real part of this project, then you need to fix the website to actually link to it without requiring someone to scroll to the bottom of the page.

It currently shows community as one of the key points immediately on the left under the main banner/header. But there is not a link to it in the header.

It is not until I scroll to the bottom that there are two links. One is the latest post feed and the other under the interact header.

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@jospoortvliet @jan please have a look at this

@jospoortvliet so should we add a link to »Forum« in the top navigation?

Yes, we should add a link to “Forum” in the top navigation. I’ve been poking at the site for a couple of hours, and only found the forums now (and I only kept on looking for them because Jos mentioned they exist in the video).

–Bob, who’s happy to be here!


I feel this post would be more appropriate for a ‘website’ tag, rather than meta. We should add one.

a tag of that type is not a bad idea. but probably will not be needed much once things are off the ground.

As the url will be I would vote for the link to be “Community”. If we wanna be save, we could add Community/Forum in the footer.


And here comes my concern with naming this forum »Community«: Nextcloud as a whole is the community. It’s not only this platform. Github is also, as is everyone working on it in any respect. Sure »Community« is inclusive – but in this context I worry it’s _ex_clusive. cc @jospoortvliet

Thinking about it I would rather call it Forum or Help to be clear and concise about what it is.


I agree with what @jan said here. having might indicate that you are not part of the community if you don’t hang around here. (.org) seems perfect

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Agree on the rename. @LukasReschke is that doable?

Now about the forum in the header, in principle I agree. Thing is, I don’t want to overload it, so then should I remove support? But that’s uncool, right… Please advise :wink:

Yes. In fact that’s already what the consensus in Move domain away from was.

So or, what do you folks prefer? Whatever, just vote below and then we know a little bit more :see_no_evil: