Community_documentserver update to reach compatibility with NC24

Does anybody know whether the community_documentserver app is being updated any time soon???
It’s not compatible with NC 24 (see Add support for NextCloud 24 · Issue #260 · nextcloud/documentserver_community · GitHub).
Unfortunately, it really seems dead…

Is it not supported/sponsored by nextcloud GmbH anymore ?

I’m not sure, but my impression is that Nextcloud has put the focus on Collabora.

My recommendation for OnlyOffice: There is an official app maintained by OnlyOffice. This is compatible with Nextcloud 24 and has been working fine for me for years. However, for this you need a dedicated OnlyOffice installation (e.g. with Docker), which is recommended either way.

Well, i get an error with the official app maintained by OnlyOffice (probably) since the update to 24.0.1. I think it’s the update because i didn’t change much other things.
occ onlyoffice:documentserver --check
Error connection: Error occurred in the document service: Error while downloading the document file to be converted.
I think the app needs an update also. Would be interesting, if other get the same error.

Works for me without any problems.

$ ./occ app:update --all

$ ./occ status                  
  - installed: true
  - version:
  - versionstring: 24.0.1
  - edition: 
  - maintenance: false
  - needsDbUpgrade: false
  - productname: Nextcloud
  - extendedSupport: false

$ ./occ onlyoffice:documentserver --check
Document server https://<snip>/ version is successfully connected

The last update of the app was two weeks ago, so it seems maintained for me.

If you continue to have problems, I recommend a own forum topic/thread.

Thanks for the feedback. I use the docker version, perhaps this makes a difference.

...(probably) since the update to 24.0.1.
“probably” refered to the second part of the sentence.