Community Document Server for multiple Instances

Hi guys,

I have a Nextcloud 18.04 instance running on a RasPi4 and one running on a shared hoster. The Nextcloud on the shared hoster is having the Community Document Server and OnlyOffice, both works fine.
Now I wanna use the Community Document Server for my RasPi4 as well, that should be possible right?
I searched a lot but couldn’t find any tutorial or help… because I can’t get it running.

What is important to know when doing this?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

if you are using the dedicated collabora or onlyoffine document servers, that will work, you need to add/allow the domains/keys of all nextclouds you are using and the instances needs to be able to connect to the Document Servers.

But I doubt that will work, if you are using the integrated community server.