Community document Server app

This app is offered after searching for download and installation.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work .
Is there somebody who can help?

Have you also installed also OnlyOffice?

Onlyoffice is indicated as active, but the communty document server cannot be downloaded and activated …

first of all @ebi welcome to the forum

usually we would need some more infos about the problematic systems. it’s simply faster than asking all those necessary questions over and over again.

here it seems to be interesting on which hardware you run your NC instance. ARM-based or not?

Plus: Is there an error in your nextcloud.log after download failed? If yes: which one?

I run nextcloud on a webhoster using Linux server.
I have the log file, but it is not allowed to upload here.

maybe they don’t allow installing it? what kind of dataplan did you buy from your hoster? shared hosting usually comes with limitations

we don’t need the whole logfile just the referring errormessages… you could copy and paste them. or use the pastebin-service to upload it there and link it to here.

I have a good premium plan, can install programms from a list with no (hope) limits.
The question is why this Community Document Server is offered, but can’t be downloaded.
What is there special?
Which options i have to work with my office files from Nextcloud?

Can you post a few screenshots while downloading installation?
Does the download or the installation fails?
Normally you find the installed files in /path/to/nextcloud/apps .

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without error messages we prolly won’t never know

Is “collaborating on documents online” special enough? You could test everything on a free hosting-offer from like (and others as well… it’s just an example)

pls take into consideration that from nc 19+ on you could try the collabora CODE-server as well

Hello @devnull.
I’m running Nextcloud 19.0.2 on a Synology NAS. I’ve installed both community document server & ONLYOFFICE app but without any error and in file I don’t have the option for creating Doc or other OnlyOffice documents.
Thanks for your helpCapture d’écran du 2020-09-25 13-05-58

well that was kind of an important information (and it really isn’t a premium plan with a hoster… it’s selfhosted)… though it doesn’t tell us if it’s running with an ARM-processor or not. It depends upon the model.

why am i asking this over and over again? Well since right now you can’t install OnlyOffice to an ARM-system.

Hey Jimmy,

@PascalB is not @ebi . :wink:

But you are right. In both cases a lot of information are missing.

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@u_n_glaublich - damn! you are right!

@PascalB sorry for mixing that up. my fault. :blush: :kissing_heart:

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Thanks @JimmyKater.
My own NAS Synology 918+ is using an INTEL Celeron J3455 not ARM. I have it at home so it is selfhosted :slight_smile:

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sorry again…
So what is gonna happen, if you’d open a new text-document (Nouveau document texte)?

Pls. share a screenshot of OO-Connector app as well

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Finally I’ve got this

I can create new document : Create

But I’ve got an error (ONLYOFFICE is not available. Contact your admin) after opening the doc I think: error

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