Communicating with NextCould Server and Desktop Client


i’m trying to make an application that communicates with NextCloud Server, i was wondering if i can have full control or use the capabilities of NextCloud using pure RESTful APIs which are the capabilities that already been designated in the “Client API’s” section of the documentation, but the most important if there is APIs (also RESTful or no RESTful) to have access or control for something like user management such as creating user, deleting user, editing user and so on.
Regarding the NextCloud desktop client, assume i have another desktop client and i want to communicate with NextCloud desktop client, is there anyway other that cmd.cpp ?

Thanks in advance

There is the Provisioning API which takes care of the user management. All good stuff back from the ownCloud times.
The clients are not supposed to be used via API. There are thoughts about communicating from the server to the client via capability pull.

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to be specific about CLI: this link directs immediately to the answer which is the set commands to be used in CLI