Common Windows client questions - specially regarding sharing large directories

I recently installed Nextcloud on my homeserver and connected my Windows PC with it to share files. The main reason is to have a backup of my current working files.

Configuration server: Windows 10 Pro with VMWare running Nextcloud 15 (T&M Hansson VM), gigabit ethernet, 1 TB SSD, intel Core i5, 16 GB Ram
Configuration client: Windows 10 Pro, Nextcloud client 2.5.1final build 20181204, gigabit ethernet, SSD, intel Core i7, 16 GB Ram

I created 3 shares:
[1] Email directory E:\Emails, 2,000 files, 350 folders, 4 GB data
[2] Document directory E:\privatedata, 25,000 files, 2,600 folders, 12 GB data
[3] Source code directory D:, 210,000 files, 50,000 folders, 23 GB data

[1] and [2] did synchronise well, the jobs finished within reasonable time. [3] crashed after 60,000 files, hung up in second run after 2 hours and in third run finished after 15 hours. In first run of [3] the client displayed the number of files it already synchronised and the number of total files, in run 2 and 3 the only progress indicator was the name of the currently handled directory.

Here’s my questions:

  1. Is it to optimistic to use Nextcloud with such a number of files and folders? From time to time I see the client scanning the entire directory tree, which takes 3 or 4 minutes. With the same setup in Dropbox files are synchronised immediately after every change

  2. There is no log file for my synchronisation [3]. Is it because it is the root of a drive? The other 2 configurations have log files

  3. Can I optimize my setup somehow? E.g. I don’t need access to deleted or changed files on the server and don’t need to scan for file changes on the server as well, since I use it only as a backup

Thanks for any answer… Reiner

Hello Reiner,

have an off-topic remark for you.
Source code belongs into an SCM like git or similar. Nextcloud versioning is not comparable to SCM.

The client can be started showing a detailled log window. Have you tried that?