Comments get added to first file in the folder only

Whichever file I have opened first, will receive all comments. I can log out, log back in, open a different file xyz, then file xyz will receive all the comments. This means that I need to log out after every single file that I comment. Surely this can’t be the intended way.

Steps to repeat:
I open my selfhosted nextcloud website
select any file
rightclick : open details
select activity
enter a comment
press enter

How can I make it save the comment to the file that I have selected?

Nextcloud version: 28.0.2 & 28.0.3rc2 & 28.0.3

Edit: On an earlier version of NC 27, the comments worked as expected. Only after upgrading to 28 does this issue occur. The issue persists, even after updating to the newest 28.0.3rc2 version.

Edit 2:
This issue occurs on:
Windows 11 with:
Firefox & Chrome
MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1 with:
Firefox & Safari

However, the issue doesn’t occur on:
Android 12 on
Firefox Beta 124.0b3

Edit 3: Upgraded to 28.0.3 and the issue still occurs

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Just an update, in case someone else runs into the same issue:

Closing the sidebar by pressing the X button in the top right after writing a comment ensures that the next comment will be saved to the correct file.

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