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Hi all,

Is there any command line client for debian out there?

I have installed NC 11.0 on a server which has a 300GB folder which I would like to synchronize. Since data already is on the server, but the server is headless I would need some command line utility to do it.

Is it possible?
Thank you!

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I would suggest connection via SSH, where you basically need a ssh-server (openssh-server) on the server and a ssh-client (openssh-client) on the remote Debian system. Did I get it right that your remote system is also Debian? For windows use putty ssh client.

The link explains everything you need.

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Yes, but this is for generic connections to the server. As I said, I need a NextCloud command line client for linux, not a generic SSH client.

The owncloud/Nextcloud-client has a command-line version:

Other possibility is to push these files directly via webdav (e.g. use cadaver).


Ah okay, sorry for misunderstanding.

Isn’t it possible to just move the files into the nextcloud data directory or the other way round change the data directory to the folder and do some occ rescan afterwards? Just interested in which cases this command line client is needed ;).

You can but in general you shouldn’t do it on a regular basis. If you want to use other protocols on a regular basis rather do this on external storages (can be a local folder on your server).

if you want to use webdav via CLI, you can use cadaver.

Google brought me here, I was looking for something that replicates the web interface in Ncurses. That would be awesome.

what about links2?

One Question:
Is this your guys solution for an CLI-Client? No native NC-Client for cli-use? And one other thing, this is also pour:

“owncloudcmd performs a single sync run and then exits the synchronization process. In this manner, owncloudcmd processes the differences between client and server directories and propagates the files to bring both repositories to the same state. Contrary to the GUI-based client, owncloudcmd does not repeat synchronizations on its own. It also does not monitor for file system changes.”

lftp has webdavsupport too and has some mirror features. Perhaps that helps?

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You can try rclone. Nextcloud via WebDAV is supported, and it won’t pull in dependencies for the GUI part of the Linux client (X and so on aren’t really necessary for a headless server). The only downside is that you also have to run it via cron in case there are file changes.


Thank’s @tflidd for recommend to owncloud cmd client. I was searching by that if there is any nextcloud client similar to and i found.

Here is cmd client of nextcloud

and here is way how to make client to do auto-sync

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